We provide full service to companies in the field of buying, selling and renting pallets and logistic packaging.

If your company have problem with large amount of unused logistic packaging contact us. We will assess their value and take care of transportation. The pallet repurchase process takes only three easy steps:

Contact and estimated valuation

Contact us. Specify the estimated quantity and quality of packaging you want to sell. Based on this information, our traders will prepare a preliminary valuation.

Collection of pallets from your company

After accepting the conditions, we will arrange the transportation of pallets from your company to our headquarters.

Packaging verification and payment

After delivery, our specialists carefully evaluate their condition, check the possibility of repair and confirm the final value of the packaging. Then your company receive payment.

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    Wooden pallets Used and damaged

    Pallet collars Wooden - used

    Skup palet plastikowych

    Plastic pallets Used - undamaged

    Gitterbox - skup

    Gitterbox Used

    Most popular products for repurchase

    Wooden pallets
    We buy wooden pallets in the most typical sizes: 1200 × 800mm and 1200 × 1000mm and EPAL Euro pallets. Our company owns EPAL certificate for repairing pallets so damaged pallets are not a problem for us

    Gitterbox Palletbox
    Popular metal containers Gitterbox, often used in the automotive and heavy industry. EPAL license. We also buy damaged Gitterboxes

    Wooden pallet collars
    Most popular dimensions 1200 × 800mm and 1200 × 1000mm. Four or six hinged. Height 200 mm.

    Plastic pallets
    We buy pallets in the standard dimensions 1200 × 800 mm and 1200 × 1000 mm. Usually, these are pallets with a solid construction on skids or so-called nested on the feet. We only buy undamaged pallets due to the inability to repair them.

    What we provide Pallet buying services is not all... Thanks to us you can get
    Complete control over your company's returnable packaging workflow.

    Packaging Repurchase

    We offer the purchase of used gitterboxes and pallets. Please contact us and check the terms and conditions. We provide the transportation directly from your company.

    Pallet and Packaging Sales

    Do you need new pallets and other logistic packaging? Write to us. Our traders can prepare an attractive offer to sell new or used packaging.

    Return Packaging Rental

    High season in your company? You don’t need to buy new pallets or other packaging, you can rent it from us. We offer short and long-term rentals. Check the conditions.

    Used Gitterbox Repurchase

    We also repurchase Gitterbox pallet boxes. If your company uses Gitterboxes, our traders will be happy to provide you an attractive buy-back offer.

    Service and Repair

    Pallets and returnable packaging are often subject to damage, so our company provides service and repair of damaged pallets and other returnable packaging.

    Returnable Transport Item Management

    You have a problem with the recovery of packaging from counterparties. Do you want to know where your packages are right now? Use our remote packaging management system

    Have a question? Call us: + 31 (0) 499 49 10 10

    We will be happy to answer all your questions and concerns from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:00.

    Why you should choose our services? We have been in the logistics industry for over 30 years and we are aware of how to take care of our customers needs.

    Since the company’s beginning, our goal is to streamline logistical processes. To better achieve this goal, we divided our company into 3 units focused on different customer needs.

    • Wooden and plastic pallets
    • Logistic packaging
    • Services

    Thanks to carefully selected logistics products used in transport and storage we strive to maximise the logistic processes of our customers.  With a comprehensive network of branches we deliver products and services exactly where you need them.

    We have been involved in the purchase, sale and rental of logistics products for over 30 years. Our company branches and warehouses are located in Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Poland. Our asset is a huge international experience and knowledge of most industries but also the ability to adapt to constantly changing customer needs, sometimes very unusual. We have large stocks of rental products that can meet even the biggest challenges. Our constantly expanding product database allows us to meet the needs of any warehouse or supply chain.

    Skup palet w Europie
    5 core areas of our business You can use our services at any time to benefit from the complementary services offered.
    • Purchase of pallets, filling gitterbox and other returnable packaging
    • Sale of new and used logistic pallets and packaging
    • Short and long term rental of transport packaging
    • Service and repair of used pallets and packaging
    • Systems for remote management of packaging in the company